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We manufacture and distribute a veterinary product, Staphage Lysate, also known as SPL®, which is used to treat a persistent staphylococcal skin infection in dogs, called recurrent canine staphylococcal pyoderma.

In the United States, Staphage Lysate was first licensed for human use in 1959. 

Treating recurrent canine staphylococcal pyoderma with round after round of antibiotics is often a frustrating and expensive experience for both the veterinarian and the dog owner.

Often the dog owner has taken the dog from one clinic to another seeking a long-term solution for the pyoderma. The veterinarian who is able to control the dog's pyoderma gains a valuable client.

The use of SPL® reduces the need for antibiotics.  Repeated courses of antibiotics can lead to the serious problem of antibiotic resistance and possible staphylococcal mutation.